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All our green energy installations are carried out and designed around your needs, our bespoke project management system will insure the job runs smoothly, from design to hand over.

We can offer complete Solar package at ses. This means we will design and install the system that is best suited for you.  All our installations come with MCS certification, guaranteeing you peace of mind.

Once we have installed your solar panels, almost no maintenance is required and they carry a standard 25 year warranty, but they can last up 30-40 years. 

Solar PV systems need to be registered with the DNO (distribution Network Operator), as your installer we will register your device for you.

Solar panels are considered ‘permitted developments’ and therefore don’t require planning permission.  However, exceptions do apply, as our customer there is no need to worry, our experienced team will check and apply with the local council if needed.

Once the initial investment is covered electricity generated by the panels is free, solar panels eventually pay for themselves in a couple of years. If you consider the fact that there are solar panel grants available to uk homeowners, it makes solar panels an attractive investment.

Monetary benefits aside, any solar panels are worth it for protecting the environment.