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Alarm, Security and CCTV Systems
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Security & CCTV Systems

Security and Access Control Systems

It is wholly important to keep your family, your staff, your assets, and your premises protected from unauthorised personnel at all times. Our varied selection of access control systems rest heavily upon reliability and flexibility; two very important factors in any system when family, staff and visitors are constantly coming and going.

Our range of security access control systems include:

  • Stand-alone, single door keypads
  • Integrated, multiple, run-from-your-PC applications
  • Proximity card/smart card/key fob/ keyless tab systems
  • Advanced digital, video, audio and biometrics technologies


Today, many properties benefit from the security CCTV affords. When it comes to protecting your home or business against both internal and external crime, CCTV provides a cost-effective deterrent and surveillance solution.

Whether you’re considering a large-scale, multi-camera, monitored system, or just a single-camera installation, Sussex Electrical Services can skilfully and carefully take care of the design, installation and maintenance of your chosen system.